Allison Rosecast is a tattoo apprentice in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about the natural world (the unfurling fronds, the bursting blooms!), storytelling old and new, and cultivating acceptance and power in relationship to the body.

Getting tattoos has been a positive force in her journey, and she hopes to make pieces that are meaningful to others in their unique physical experiences. She welcomes all bodies, all skin tones, all orientations and presentations. She would be honored to work with you.

She is most inspired by botanical, medieval, and mythological imagery. In her spare time you can find her drawing and reading things of this nature. She’s a flower crown maker, a house plant enthusiast, and both a dog AND cat person (bff to Bramble and Weetzie).

What kind of projects can you accommodate?
I'm an apprentice so this answer will likely change quickly as I progress! For now, I'm only booking for fairly simple subject matter pieces that can be completed in a few hours or less. With with my current skill level and drawing style, I’m not comfortable with really tiny, minimal designs, sorry! I’m open to discussing placements beyond limbs based on the individual project, thanks for your trust! If you’re not sure how your idea fits into all of this, please reach out and we can chat about it! Thanks for being part of my journey!
What is the process for booking an appointment?
The best way to request an appointment is to submit a booking form right here on my website so I have all of the relevant info in one spot! If it’s a piece from my pre-drawn flash you can just note that in the description. I’ll get in touch via email as soon as I’m able! Thanks for your interest!
What designs do you have available?
Available flash will be updated on my Instagram highlights (@allisonrosecast)! If you’re interested in a flash piece you can submit through the booking form and note which one in the description!
What subject matter do you prefer?
I’m most excited about doing pieces from my flash at this stage, but if you have a custom idea (especially botanical or myth-inspired) please submit through the booking form so we can discuss!
Do you tattoo designs more than once?
Nope, not unless that’s specifically stated.
Do you do cover-ups?
Not just yet, but check back in the future!
What’s your policy on touch-ups?
Touch-ups are free within the first year after the tattoo to address any issues that might occur in the healing process.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Please bring cash! We’ll discuss cost prior to your appointment. I’m a student, and the pricing reflects that.
Can I bring a friend?
One friend is fine! More than that is too crowded and prevents me from focusing. Thanks for understanding!
How old do I have to be?
The state of Oregon requires you to be at least 18 years old to be tattooed. ID is always required at the time of appointments.
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Thank you! I'll get back to you soon!
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I'm not currently accepting booking requests. I'll share on Instagram when the request form is live again. Thanks so much for your interest and patience!